Why are People Opting for Gravel Driveways?

During the twenty-first century, many individuals have begun to pay more notice to the way in which their homes are designed. This relates not only to their interior, as it once did, but also the exterior aesthetics. Driveways have, for many years, been considered the perfect way in which to greet people to your home; however, there has been much debate surrounding which material is best. Gravel driveways have appeared to take the edge on this argument – to learn as to why this is, feel free to read the thoughts of the Sussex Driveways’ team below.

Long Life

Due to the expenses which are involved in the laying of a driveway, you will undoubtedly want to have a product which can stand the test of time. Studies have shown that, provided that the correct maintenance is administered, gravel driveways could have a potential lifespan of up to a century. It is true that you may have to conduct regular top-ups, in relation to the stones that you have, this is a small price to pay for a driveway which will not let you down any time in the near future.

Visually Appealing

As you would expect, one of the primary reasons behind the spike in popularity that has been experienced by gravel driveways is the fantastic aesthetic which they consistently exude. When visitors arrive at your property, you want to make an impression on them which will not fade with time; thanks to the various different types of designs which can be used, this is not difficult to achieve. Whether you opt to purchase stones which feature a multitude of different colours, or prefer to make a statement via an assortment of sizes, you can be sure that guests will remember your driveway for years to come.

Cost-Effective Solution

Although you may not realise, having a new driveway installed can be an incredibly expensive investment; this is not only due to the hiring of a professional service, but also the costs of the raw materials which are used. Thanks to the abundance of gravel which is available on the market, the overall investment needed is relatively low compared to some of the alternatives. This means that gravel driveways are the perfect option for those homeowners that are operating on a relatively strict budget.

Environmentally Friendly

Those of you that have spent the time looking through the various different types of driveway available will undoubtedly recognise that with such materials as tarmac and concrete, the weather can have profoundly negative effects on their appearance. Holes can become a frequent occurrence due to the quantity of rain which they are subjected to here in the UK; not only this, but various cracks can appear, which can drastically affect the structural integrity of the driveway as a whole. Thanks to the way in which gravel is able to funnel water off with ease, this is not an issue for owners of gravel driveways.

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