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Durable Tarmac Driveways

A tarmac driveway can be a practical entrance to your home or business property. At Sussex Driveways, our family-owned company has been in the driveway business for over 40 years. Since 1975, we’ve been advising both residential and commercial customers across Sussex on the tarmac driveway solution that is best suited to their needs. Tarmac makes a great surface for driveways, private roads, car parks and many other ground surfaces which may be driven on often.

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    The Benefits Of A Tarmac Driveway

    Looking for a tarmac or asphalt driveway? Sussex Driveways can help. A tarmac driveway can be both visually appealing and long lasting. If your property has a long or large driveway, then tarmac may be the best choice for you. If your driveway is old, cracked or just in need of some general driveway repairs, there are many benefits of choosing tarmac for these jobs:


    – Durable

    – Non-slip

    – Low Maintenance

    – Easy to prepare and install

    – Cost-effective

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which material is used in a tarmac driveway?

    Tarmac as a material is made from a combination of small chunks of crushed stone covered with tar. This heated mixture is then spread across the driveway before being compacted by a roller. It then cools to make a hard, even surface. Tarmac and its close analogue asphalt have been used to create smooth, durable road surfaces for over a century.

    What is the durability of a tarmac driveway?

    When you need a driveway that is extremely sturdy, weather resistant, and built to last, tarmac and asphalt driveways are some of the best choices available. For several years, tarmac has been the preferred driveway material.

    The hard-wearing surface of a tarmac driveway can handle heavy weights and most weather conditions because of its extreme hardness. Tarmac is a popular choice for many outdoor flooring surfaces because of its affordability and ease of installation.

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