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Quality Permeable Driveways In Brighton & Hove

If your home or business property is in a high rainfall area, a permeable driveway is a great solution for you. Driveways built using permeable materials, as opposed to running straight down the drain. At Sussex Driveways, our fully trained and qualified team can advise you on whether a permeable driveway is the right choice for your commercial or residential property. They can also discuss alternative options for drainage.

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    The Benefits Of Permeable Paving

    Installing a permeable driveway for your commercial or residential property isn’t just an environmentally smart move. It can also be a great design option and a cost-effective choice as well. The advantages of a permeable driveway include:


    – Helping to manage storm water and run-off

    – Preventing debris and pollution from blocking your property’s drains

    – Replenishing groundwater supply

    – Available in a variety of designs

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    Permeable Driveways for Your Commercial or Residential Property

    Sussex Driveways are experienced installers of permeable driveways and patios. Permeable patios allow surface water to soak through and drain away into the underlying soil. This permeability avoids unsightly and annoying pools of stagnant water from forming on the driveway. Permeable driveways are also one of the most long-lasting driveway solutions available.


    We have helped install permeable driveways at Sussex properties which are attractive, affordable, and durable. Our team can help to assess your property and determine whether a permeable driveway is suitable before giving you a free quote for installation. If we do not believe a permeable driveway is the best solution, we can help to run through the other driveway options we have available.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a permeable driveway?

    A permeable driveway is driveway which is constructed using materials which allow surface water to sink through the surface of the driveway. Water can then drain away into the ground below. This helps to avoid large areas of standing water forming on the surface of the driveway. Because permeable driveways allow surface water to drain away, they are particularly popular and useful in areas with high rainfall, such as Sussex.

    How long does permeable driveway last?

    Permeable driveways and patios are one of the most durable driveway solutions. If properly installed by an experienced permeable paving company like Sussex Driveways, you can expect a permeable driveaway to last between 25-35 years. However, some permeable driveways can last even longer. Factors like the amount of use and the weight of vehicles parked on it can have an effect on their durability.

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    Every home or business should have a driveway that stands the test of time. At Sussex Driveways, we help to make this possible by providing quality, cost-effective driveways to suit a range of budgets.

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    Wide Range Of Products

    Our permeable driveway materials come in a range of styles to suit all tastes and budgets. From permeable pavers to strips, and loose stone and gravel – the list goes on

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    Here at Sussex Driveways, we pride ourselves on having the most experienced and highly qualified contractors work with us.

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