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Brick driveways are an economical and tidy way of surfacing your driveway. At Sussex Driveways, we have a variety of materials, sizes and colours to choose from. Combine this with the variety of different patterns and designs in which the bricks can be arranged and there is a huge variety of options to create a brick driveway which matches your preferred style. As an option for driveways, brick has remained one of the most popular choices for homeowners in the South East.

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    The Benefits of a Brick Driveway

    The interlocking designs of many brick driveway patterns create an incredibly strong surface with an enhanced resilience to repeated footfall or heavy vehicles and the surface of the brick driveway will be less susceptible to fading than alternative such as cobblestones.


    When it comes to repairing brick driveways, costs are lower than they would be for other materials. With brick driveways, as with all driveway solutions which are modular, any damaged sections of a brick driveway can be easily and affordably repaired by simply removing and replacing the bricks which are damaged. This modularity also makes it easy for us to extend or match the existing brickwork of a property so that the brick driveway can continue seamlessly.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which material is used in a brick driveway?

    Traditionally, bricks have been made from clay, giving them that distinctive burnt reddish-brown colour. However, many other bricks are available these days, such as grey sand lime bricks or pinkish sandstone bricks. This means that you can choose a brick colour and material which matches or accents your existing property.

    What is the durability of a brick driveway?

    The pattern in which the brick driveway is assembled can have an impact on its durability. Patterns such as Herringbone are noticeably stronger and longer lasting than alternatives. However, brick driveways are rarely as durable and long-lasting as concrete paving driveways.

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