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The Experts In Driveways Across Brighton & Hove

At Sussex Driveways, our speciality is in our name. Since 1975, we’ve been working across Sussex to provide comprehensive driveway solutions. We are committed to finding the right driveway for each of our customers. We work with you to interpret your driveway ideas and create a unique solution that is true to your style, taste, needs & budget.

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    A Range Of Options For Repaving & Resurfacing Driveways

    A well installed block paving driveway can transform your home and increase its market value. At Sussex Driveways, we offer a range of materials in different designs, colours, and patterns to ensure your driveway will last in terms of both durability and style, several other options are available as shown below.


    As a supplier of the UK’s leading brands, our driveway repaving and surfacing products include:


    Block PavingBricks

    Patio Slabs (not suitable to park on)

    Natural Sandstone



    – Tar and Chippings


    Grass Grid Driveways


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    Driveways – Resurfacing and Paving

    Sussex Driveways have extensive experience with the installation of both new driveways and patios and replacement driveways, as well as carrying out driveway resurfacing and spot repairs. Our team can help to assess any damage to your existing driveway and determine which method is best suited to restore it.


    Our driveway services include assessing whether there is an underlying problem with the foundation of the driveway, which is normally indicated by large cracks and sunken areas. In most cases though, the damage is surface level caused by everyday wear and tear from the weight of vehicles and can be repaired with a driveway resurfacing rather than a full driveway replacement

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I resurface my concrete driveway?

    Small cracks which are less than a quarter of an inch wide can normally be easily fixed using a basic filler. However, if your driveway is developing larger cracks, that is generally a sign that it needs some more substantial repairs.


    Sometimes these cracks can be indicative of a problem with the underlying foundation. If this is this case a full replacement is required. As part of our driveway services Sussex Driveways can help to determine whether a simple resurfacing or a full replacement is required.


    If the cracks are only surface level, a resurfacing should be sufficient. This will involve removing and replacing the upper layer of concrete (or other material) without replacing the underlying base of the driveway.

    How long does a newly resurfaced driveway last?

    A resurfaced driveway will normally extend the life of your driveway by 10 to 15 years. Presuming there is no damage to the underlying base, and it is only the upper layer of concrete which needs replacing. Whether this is the right choice for you will depend on how long you intend to stay at the property and the cost difference between a resurfacing and a full driveway replacement. Our team can help to go over these options with you.

    Why Choose Us?

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    Quality Products

    We’ve been operating for over 40 years, working across the communities of Worthing, Eastbourne, Horsham, Haywards Heath and the rest of Sussex.

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    Quality Installation

    As Marshall & Bradstone approved contractors, all our staff are highly trainer and fully qualified, getting the job done efficiently the first time.

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    Quality Service

    We pride ourselves in providing a great customer service experience. Whether it’s on the phone or onsite, no question will go unanswered.

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    Value For Money

    At the end of the day, repaving driveways needs to be affordable.  We have a range of products to suit all . budgets and can advise on the best option for you.

    Trade Qualifications

    Here at Sussex Driveways, we pride ourselves on having the most experienced and highly qualified contractors work with us to get to the bottom of your driveway problems.

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