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Turf pavers (grass pavers) are a dependable alternative for grassy areas that need subsurface reinforcement due to vehicular traffic. Turf pavers can withstand the weight of almost any vehicle and will avoid rutting and tyre marks. These products can be installed on flat surfaces as well as slopes up to 15% incline. Grass pavers are a form of grass reinforcement system that is used to stabilise soil and spread vehicle weight while protecting the delicate root system of the existing lawn.

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    The Benefits of a Grass Grid Driveway

    A grass grid driveway is the perfect solution for those who want a discreet, natural looking driveway. To the outside observer the grass mesh drive appears to be a lawn, but unlike a normal lawn it can actually withstand the weight and friction of cars being driven over or parked on it. The mesh system evenly distributes the weight of any vehicle, preventing indentation, tyre marks, or damage to the grass. Water can also drain naturally into the soil without the need to install a separate drainage system.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which material is used in a the construction of a Grass Grid driveway?

    Grass grid driveways are constructed using a series of interlocking plastic meshes which are pressed directly into the soil. They help to evenly distribute the weight of some vehicles parked or driven on top of them while still allowing ground water to drain into the soil below. The grid is flexible and can shrink and expand along with changes in temperature to prevent it from breaking.

    What is the durability of a Grass Grid driveway?

    Driveway grass grids are nearly as strong as a poured concrete driveway while being far more attractive to the outside observer. As the grass grid is constructed from a series of smaller interlocking sections, any damaged sections can be replaced individually, without the need to unearth the entire structure.

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