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Block Paving

A block paving driveway is a visually pleasing addition to any driveway in Sussex. The interlocking pattern of blocks provides a sturdy and even surface which can easily withstand sustained footfall or the weight of a heavy vehicle. There are a wide variety of different blocks to choose from, allowing you to find the material, design, and pattern of block that best matches the vision you have for your driveway.

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    The Benefits of Block Paving

    The versatility of a block paving driveway is down to its wide assortment of blocks or bricks available in terms of sizes, shapes, and colours. You will be able to personalise your driveway based on your tastes to get exactly the design you envisioned.

    Paving blocks that match the colour and shape of other materials on your premises can be selected to give a seamless appearance to your entire property. Looking for professionally installed block paving? Sussex Driveways are here to help.

    As established block paving installers in East Sussex, Sussex Driveways can help you to select the best materials for your chosen design.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which material is used in a block paving driveway?

    There is a variety of block paving options to choose from. This includes traditional clay bricks, as well as sandstone, lime, and other materials. What defines a block paving driveway is the construction method of arranging identically sized blocks in a repeating pattern, rather than the composition of the blocks themselves – which can comprise any number of hard wearing materials.

    What is the durability of a block paving driveway?

    Block paving, thanks to its long-lasting content, would undoubtedly last for decades, if not longer, if properly cared for. It can withstand the elements, including the wet Sussex weather, as well as the passage of time. You can drive over it repeatedly without causing harm, and it’s also immune to most chemicals, oils, salts, and ice. If a block is damaged, it can be replaced individually, making repairs simple and affordable. Your block paving driveway has a better chance of remaining in good shape if you have in installed by professional block paving installers like Sussex Driveways.

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