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Professionally Installed Concrete Driveways In Sussex

Concrete is extremely durable, needs very little maintenance, and has long been a popular option among homeowners in Brighton and the South East. Concrete driveways can be built almost anywhere and are one of the most cost-effective driveway choices. Today, a concrete driveway no longer has to be a simple white road as they come in a variety of colours and designs.

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    The Benefits of a Concrete Driveway

    When it comes to driveway upgrades, a concrete driveway is one of the most affordable options available. So, there’s no need to worry about a concrete driveway’s cost, UK homeowners can’t get better value for money than a concrete driveway. As a material, concrete is solid and easy to maintain, and it tends to last longer than other materials such as tarmac. In hot weather, a concrete driveway outperforms tarmac, and with proper maintenance, a properly built surface will last up to forty years.


    As concrete is light in colour, it reflects much more of the output from porch lights and security lights than black tarmac does. Another advantage of tarmac is that if you have a very heavy vehicle, concrete provides are more solid and hard-wearing surface to park it on and will not sag or warp over time.


    Do you think your property would look better with a concrete driveway? Brighton, Hove, and Sussex homeowners can rely on Sussex Driveways for professional concrete driveway installation and concrete driveway resurfacing services.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which material is used in a concrete driveway?

    Concrete is one of the most widely used material for all types of construction. It comprises a mixture of water, sand, cement, and gravel. Gravel and sand make up the largest proportion, followed by water and then cement. This combination of materials is incredibly strong, which is why concrete driveways can stay undamaged even under the weight of a heavy vehicle.

    What is the durability of a concrete driveway?

    Concrete is incredibly hard wearing, weather resistant, and will generally last for thirty to forty years before it needs to be replaced. This is over twice the lifespan of tarmac. The lifespan can also be extended through concrete driveway resurfacing or by applying a solvent-based sealant.

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